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Rip City Dabs

Our Services

1. Hydrocarbon Crude Extractions.

Standard Hydrocarbon Extraction used to create Crude Oil for post processing or infusing other cannabis products.

2. Hydrocarbon CRC Extractions.

Standard Hydrocarbon Extraction with extra filtering to create a beautiful end product ready for store shelves.

3. White Labeling.

Juicer Extractions will use your product (or ours) and package it into your branded packaging. Then, we will send it to you or directly to your stores!

4. Direct to Retail Sales.

What We Do

Extraction refers to the process of extracting and concentrating the most potent compounds from marijuana plants. This process removes the oil found in the trichomes of the plant. The resulting products are therefore a highly concentrated and potent form of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

Rip City Dabs has always worked with our partners to create the highest quality  products on the market.


The Benefits of Our System

A closed-loop hydrocarbon system recovers the vast majority of the solvent used to extract the oil compared to other systems.

Our system does not extract chlorophyll, resulting in a lighter, cleaner product.
Our system is more consistent than it's competitors.

Our faster production times along with the benefits listed above make it the best extraction method for us. More than this we are always striving to produce the best dabs on the market for our partners.

Our Products

Hydrocarbon Wax

Sugar Wax




Flavored Hydrocarbon Wax

Apple Rings

Blue Raspberry



Pineapple Orange Creme


Flavored Infused Pre-Rolls

Apple Rings

Blue Raspberry



Pineapple Orange Creme



Distillate Cartridges

Coming Soon!

Refined Oil

Full Spectrum Cartridges

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Hillsboro, Oregon

How long does it take to extract the product?

Our machines have the ability to process up to 40 pounds of product per 8 hours of run time. Processing time may vary depending on the moisture level of the product being processed, as well as the amount of product being processed. 

How do I get my product to you?

Product pickup and delivery will be coordinated with the sales representative at the time your order is placed. Most often, the product is delivered by the customer themselves or by using a third-party delivery service.

How do I get your product?

Navigate to the "Our Partners" page to locate a store near you that carries our product. If you would like our product in your stores, check us out on LeafLink!

What kind of yield can I expect?

Our machines average a yield of 18%. 
For example: If the total amount being processed initially weighs 10,000 grams, the expected yield would be approximately 1,800 grams of raw oil.

Have other questions?

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, send an email to